Interactive Art Installation:


I am aiming for an experience through this art installation named SPACE OF THE SPACE: Where images offer us large amount of information on outer space, visual impressions cannot offer us a rich multi-sensory and immersive experience. The more sensory channels are engaged in the perceptive process, the richer and stronger experience we will get. What a visitor can experience in this installation is nature’s secret and mysterious power emerging from this 40CM*40CM*40CM box and then covering our entire vision. Engaging our different senses I aim to articulate loneliness, the sense of alienation and isolation. The installation becomes increasingly transparent based on close and personal encounters with SELF. The overall experience within this box, gained by touching, making, and acting, provides a rich and dynamic way to prompt various layers of feelings and emotions about the perception of the outer space.

#01 30*30*30cmboxspace

#02 to be inside the boxspace

#03 SMD LED lightingtest

#04 SMD LED lightingtest